The entry way is an introduction to your home and sets the stage for greeting your family, friends and visitors. Use lighting and decor to create a dramatic atmosphere in this area. Consider bold and dramatic paint colors that resonate with depth to create an immediate impact.

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You can’t go wrong with using an off-white paint color like Toasted Almond PPG1097-3 in a hallway space for your main wall color. Not all white is cold, use Delicate White PPG1001-1 for trim and Cool Slate PPG1002-3 for furniture and decor. Use Chocolate Ripple PPG1078-7 for floors or any wood to bring warmth to the hallway.

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Create a beautiful entrance filled with creamy whites like Glazed Pears PPG1095-2 and Delicate White PPG1001-1. Add a softened brown like Sarsaparilla PPG1018-7 to give your guests a warm welcome. Find home goods in a bright color like Field Poppy PPG1195-7 to make your entrance pop.

*The text and images from this webpage comes from PPG Industries. Check Works Cited section of INFO page for full citation